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Vintage furniture for sale.

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Refurbished Antiques and Restored Vintage Furniture Spanning Centuries, Styles and Finishes

Our collection is not limited by styles, centuries or trends.

The Hanks & Wells furniture philosophy is simple – If it catches our eye and we think we can do it justice then we buy it, restore it and list it. This approach towards allows us to put every ounce of passion into our restored vintage furniture, as we treat the items as though they were intended for our own home.

As we allow our tastes to dictate our collection, you will find a variety of structural and essential antiques and vintage furniture for sale like dining tables, chairs and chests of drawers. Our tastes span 19th century antiques, Victorian pine, mid-century staples and more

Can't see what your looking for?

If you cannot find any antique or vintage furniture for sale that matches your tastes, get in touch and we will keep an eye out for you on your behalf at the next fair or market we attend.


Our Approach to Restoring Vintage Furniture

Just as no two items on our shop are the same, so too are the steps we take to restore them.

This depends on how we found the product. Some items might just need a lick of varnish to bring them up to scratch, but equally we have sold chairs that were missing legs, tables that were wonky and chests of drawers that were stuck shut. Restoration might include:

  • Stripping or sanding away finishes

  • Filling in or sanding away blemishes

  • Replacing missing components

  • Repolishing or revarnishing

  • …and much more

If you are curious about the work that went into a particular piece of vintage furniture for sale, feel free to contact us and we will let you know how we found it and how we restored it.

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