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How we found the world of restoring vintage and antique furniture

We are a couple living in South East London, who founded Hanks & Wells to combine our mutual love of interior design, quality furniture and charming antiques.

Hanks & Wells has its roots in the 2020 pandemic. With life turned upside down, Kate's interest in refurbished antiques started off as a hobby. Her pastime quickly turned into a passion the more time she spent at it, and before long she found herself fully immersed in the world of restored vintage furniture and refurbished antiques. At this stage the business was limited to painting furniture. Mark finding his passion for woodworking was the missing piece of the puzzle, and from that the modern Hanks & Wells was born.

Since then, we have shared our unique approach and eye for details at furniture fairs all across London. The passion that kicked things off for us is still burning strong with no sign of fading, nor have we lost sight over what drew us to the world of refurbished antiques in the first place.


Take a look at our eclectic range of refurbished antiques, or get in touch if you have any queries.


Meet Kate

Kate has always been a creative, with a lifelong interest in musical theatre and photography.

Her career as a professional musical theatre dancer came crashing down with the Covid pandemic. As theatres closed across the country and musical theatre companies struggled to keep afloat, she lost her job almost overnight.

With Mark and his young son moving in at the same time, she found she needed an outlet for her creative energies. The need to create comfortable surroundings for her family awoke her love for interiors, antiques and the finer points of furniture design. This kickstarted the Hanks & Wells story, and she has never looked back.

More than just a way to express her creativity, Kate finds that her love for refurbished antiques allows her to help others. Her eye for detail and character has transformed spaces all across the country, by allowing people to express themselves with restored vintage furniture that speaks to them and their personality.

Meet Mark

Mark has worked a number of jobs in a range of fields, most recently as a gardener, but he struggled to find one that was truly fulfilling.

It was only with his discovery of woodworking and refurbished antiques that he found a calling that truly suited him Realising that this would not only be an exciting change of pace but an opportunity to be present at home with his young son and partner, he jumped straight in during the Covid period.

Mark is now responsible for all of Hanks & Well's restorations, breathing new life into otherwise-overlooked items. Every item on our website has passed through his workshop and been lovingly restored by his careful hand.

We are happy to share our passion for antiques and vintage furniture. If you are curious about what caught our eye about a particular piece, the state we found it in and how we restored it, fill out a contact form and we will get back to you.

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