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Leopard Print

Leopard Print

£85.00 Regular Price
£40.00Sale Price

Elevate your space with a dash of wild charm and playfulness through this captivating print of a Leopard in a tree, a lively and captivating piece of art. This print captures the essence of nature's most majestic feline, framed by the intricate branches of a tree.


The Leopard's vibrant presence adds an exciting touch to your decor, infusing your surroundings with energy and a connection to the natural world. Perfect for adding a pop of personality to any room, this print is more than just a piece of art; it's a conversation starter, an ode to the beauty of the wild, and a reminder that your space can be a source of joy and adventure.


Dimensions - 65.5cm Tall x 51cm wide x 1.5cm deep

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