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The Hanks & Wells Collection

Each vintage or antique item of furniture in our collection has been restored to preserve its looks, bumps and notches while giving it a new lease on life.

Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs
Vintage Bedside Tables
Antique Pine Chest of Drawers
Antique Dresser
Vintage Lighting

Transform or complete a room with our seating range.

Tables large and small for any space or function from bedsides to dining tables.

Discover our range of elegant yet functional chests of drawers.

Organise your belongings and present your prized possessions.

Brighten up or add ambiance to your space

Vintage Antique Foxed Mirror
Antique French Bed Frame
Spanish Bar Stools

Add the final touches to your living space.

Take a look at our selection of restored vintage furniture and refurbished antiques.

Anything and everything that does not fit into the above boxes.


New In

Why shop with Hanks & Wells?

There is no shortage of restored vintage furniture dealers across the UK, yet we stand out for our distinct approach towards sourcing and restoring our items.

Vintage Waltzers Artwork

Family-Run Business

We are a two-part family team who found our feet in the world of restored vintage furniture as a hobby, and we still treat it as one.

Passion set us on this path and it remains the driving force of our business. 

Antique Chets of Drawers

In-House Restoration

We do all our restorations by hand and within our tight-knit family, which not only allows us to keep overall costs down but permits us to give each item the care and attention it deserves. This approach lets us dictate the level of restoration each piece of furniture receives.

Teak Mid century Dining Chairs

Quality Vintage Furniture

We believe that your home décor is a reflection of your unique personality and quirks. Our selection of restored vintage and antique furniture is based around letting you express yourself, and to that end we only stock items that stood out to us for their charm and appeal

Restored Vintage and Antique Furniture with Heart and Character

Hanks & Wells are proud to offer an eclectic collection of lovingly restored vintage furniture, spanning a plethora of centuries and styles. We allow our eyes and our hearts to decide our range – If we think it would look good in our home, we sell it. Each vintage or antique item we stock has been hand-picked and restored in our home workshop to retain its rustic charm and its rich history. We have a particular fondness for items that other furniture dealers would otherwise pass by, which we then breathe new life into and find a home for. The result of this process is a unique selection of characterful restored vintage furniture and antiques sourced from across the UK.

If you are looking for rustic restored vintage furniture and home décor that tells a story and adds personality to any room,

please browse our range.

The Hanks & Wells Values

Vintage Lounge Arm Chair

Customer Care

We appreciate that buying restored vintage furniture instead of prefabbed factory-assembled goods can seem like a gamble. To that end, we are happy to provide advice for ongoing maintenance and are always here to help with anything that comes up in the lifespan of your item.

From long-term wear and tear to little mishaps, we're here to help out if anything happens to your item.

Bamboo Antique Steamer Chair

Eco Friendly

We love to buy and restore items that most dealers would overlook or claim is beyond saving. Restoring and reusing furniture in this way is the more sustainable option, as it saves items from ending up in a landfill.

All our vintages and antiques have been around for decades if not longer, showing their quality in manufacture and longevity – A little love from us and ongoing care from you is all they need to last a lifetime.

Vintage Mirror

Quality Vintage Furniture

We let our hearts decide what we stock, instead of what can be restored and listed for a quick profit. We genuinely enjoy buying, restoring and selling furniture, and have never let business cloud or dilute our enthusiasm.

Antiques and vintages are our passion, and so we are always happy to answer any inquiries or questions that come our way about our items.

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Get To Know Hanks & Wells

Hanks & Wells was founding by Kate and Mark during the Covid pandemic. Coming from a background in musical theatre and gardening, who would have thought we have discovered the world of antiques?

Find out more about our story and approach here.


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