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Decorative Wooden Blocks | Vintage Kids Hurdle Bases | Set of 4

Decorative Wooden Blocks | Vintage Kids Hurdle Bases | Set of 4

£95.00 Regular Price
£45.00Sale Price
Add a touch of vintage charm to your decor with this delightful set of Decorative Wooden Blocks, repurposed from vintage kids' hurdle bases.
Crafted with a keen eye for nostalgia, these blocks bring a sense of whimsy and history to your space. The weathered wood and rustic charm of the hurdle bases have been transformed into versatile decorative pieces that celebrate the simplicity and authenticity of yesteryears.
This set of four wooden blocks is more than just decor; they are a testament to the joy of repurposing and upcycling. Display them on shelves, use them as bookends, or incorporate them into your creative projects. These Decorative Wooden Blocks invite you to embrace the beauty of imperfection and history, infusing your space with character and a sense of playful nostalgia.
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